Sarah Eastick


Growing up in many areas across Canada, a variety of vistas could have inspired Sarah Eastick as a young artist. But it was animal life that drew her childhood pencil to the page. Today, as an established tattoo artist and owner of Fire Vixen Tattoos, Sarah is known for her realistic black and white portraits of animals. But she doesn’t stop there. And she didn’t come to tattooing that quickly. Sarah began her career as an art teacher.

When she discovered the world of tattooing as an adult, however, not everyone thought that her artistic qualifications were an asset. Her multiple degrees/diplomas in art and art history (where they’re from) were seen as ‘over qualification’. But Fire Vixen’s owner and tattoo artist didn’t let that stop her, as her more than ten years of tattooing experience now attest.

As a tattoo artist, Sarah brings her knowledge of visual arts to each tattoo, with superb drawing and a range of styles. While her primary style might be considered realism, particularly animals in greyscale, her portfolio is always expanding to include other styles. Her background allows her to play with her medium and her knowledge of art history, bringing elements of traditional art from various forms, including such styles as Art Nouveau, to her tattoos.

Sarah loves engaging with client to further develop her medium, and is always working to learn more, grow as an artist, and improve her craft.