Jason Paine

As a tattoo artist for the past ten years, Jason Paine is largely self-taught, but his desire for self-improvement and his love of tattooing have made him one of the strongest classic tattooists in the area. Hailing from Ontario, Jason began tattooing at the age of nineteen, quickly discovering that he had the talent and work ethic to become an excellent tattooist. His love of art and self-expansion as an artist came later, as he discovered that to further his tattoos, he needed to further his art.

Now, despite his young age, Jason is strong in both areas and continues to grow and develop. Having recently relocated to BC, Jason has been inspired by discovering the amazing tattoo artists in the West, as well as by the outdoor lifestyle in the area. Specializing in neo-traditional, classic and Japanese styles, Jason prides himself in producing solid, clean tattoos that his clients will be happy with for the long term, making him a client favourite.

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